KATTY XIOMARA collection

Katty Xiomara was born to a Portuguese family, but in the temperate climate of South America. In her childhood, she played outdoors and was constantly surrounded by nature. She particularly remembers a peculiar plant which if touched, would close its leaves and become dormant. The designer associated the unusual beauty of this flower to the TASHI woman, both special and with striking charisma. A collection designed to uncover femininity.



Being recurrent at Portugal Fashion Week, Katty Xiomara saw this event as her first steppingstone. She has participated in several editions of Portugal Fashion International, including Paris, Milan and New York. She has also participated at several international fairs such as Bread & Butter (Berlin and Barcelona), Project Show (Las Vegas), among others.



Mother of pearl pendant with a white zirconia setting and gold centre. Reinterpretation of the flower.
TASHI logo and Katty Xiomara’s signature on the reverse.



Ring with spiked granites, precisely 100 spiked stones. Central white stone with gold contour. Katty drew the ring with the intention of it being worn as a pinkie ring. It bears a fashionable and dandy look. TASHI logo and Katty Xiomara’s signature on the reverse.