Micaela Oliveira was inspired by the perfect dynamics between love and relationships to develop her TASHI collection. The designer, known for her breath-taking dresses, incorporated three flowers into her collection. Flowers are her passion and a symbol of family – the couple and children. Micaela Oliveira was resolute in designing two jewels: a ring and earrings of striking elegance… for strong women that value family and have a gentle heart.


One of the most sought-after creative minds, Micaela Oliveira has designed unique collections. The Portuguese stylist has granted the wishes and dreams of countless women in a distinctive way at her studio, with Rita Pereira having worn one of her stunning dresses in Cannes, in addition to Cristina Ferreira, Diana Chaves, Dânia Neto and countless other celebrities.


– Ring with two rotating bands (anti-stress)
– Interior includes the Micaela Oliveira pattern and a three-flowered element
– Gold detail with the TASHI and Micaela Oliveira logo
– Available sizes: 16, 18 and 20
– Material: silver and gold
– RRP: 279€


– Each earring consists of 3 parts: flowers, a medium-sized drop setting and a long-curved drop piece
– Versatile earrings of light structure
– The three-flowered design follows the curvature of the ear
– Measurements: 6.5cm height and 2cm width
– Material: silver and gold
– RRP: 259€

In addition to being exclusive, the collection stands out for the enormous versatility of both pieces that adapt to all occasions.