NIAGARA collection

Niagara is inspired by one of the world’s most beautiful settings, Niagara Falls, known for its grandeur and inexhaustible source of energy.

The name originates from  “Onguiaahara“, an indigenous word meaning “thunder of water”, symbolising the enormous power and sound of water.

The novelty in this collection is the inclusion of blue sapphire stones, the connecting point to its inspiration. The blue stones represent water and its vitality.


Ring in gold and silver with a setting of 5 blue sapphire stones, the distinctive detail of the Niagara collection. It includes an inner engraving, “Niagara”, and the setting of three white zirconia representing the water that incorporates the waterfalls.


The earrings of the Niagara collection have been designed with different flowing silver threads, alluding to the vitality of the Niagara Falls, alongside the detail of the blue sapphire stone setting. A jewel set to catch any eye.

A collection that draws a look, full of strength, for women who get their source of energy from nature!