NUNO GAMA collection

Inspired by the Portuguese conquering spirit, Nuno Gama has developed TASHI’s latest collection. The designer believes luck is moulded by hand, and for this reason, he designed two jewels of immense versatility that symbolically breathe the courage running through our veins.

“TASHI challenged me to design two jewels and as a result, we decided to play with the Nuno Gama cross due to its symbology. Each quadrant includes a heart, reminiscent of a four-leaf clover, and so, all of this simultaneously denotes some form of strength and courage, reinforced by the way the jewels move with the kinetic force added to such courage. Thus, collectively, there’s a compendium of life, luck, magic. I hope those buying the jewels feel a boost of energy that in some manner is characteristic of my work, of how I see things, how I play with stories and mix them up.”



Nuno Gama is considered Portugal’s most patriotic designer by revealing his nationality and culture through his creations. Right after completing his studies in 1991, he set up his own brand and subsequently presented his first collection at Lisbon Fashion Week.



The pendant and ring have distinct versions, seeing the cross rotates in both jewels. In both the pendant and the ring, Nuno Gama intended to add kinetic force (movement) by attributing rotation to the cross. Thus, one can opt for gold or textured silver, creating different looks.



Both pieces bear the Nuno Gama cross, symbolizing the unique essence of being Portuguese. Nuno Gama included a heart in each quadrant of the Portuguese Cross, reminiscent of a four-leaf clover, denoting strength, life and filled with luck and love.

Jewels for women of character that courageously build their lives and luck.