SWAN collection

Swan arises in Moscow and is inspired by the glamour of Swan Lake. A narrative replete with romanticism that tells a love story, along with the triumph of good over evil. The Swan collection incorporates this duality represented by the purity of white and the seduction of black.



The Swan ring has dazzling shine, perfect for the most special of moments. In silver, gold and with black enamelling, this jewel was designed to ensure maximum comfort and beauty. The top of the ring bears a five-row white zirconia setting bringing about maximum shine. This is the jewel that certifies a feeling of power.



The earrings in the Swan collection are made up of three hoops with a white, silver and gold setting, in addition to black enamelling. It is a medium-sized jewel with a light structure that will bring much shine to one’s face. Swan arises in Moscow and is inspired by the glamour of Swan Lake, the entire collection bearing a swan through outer engraving.



Gold and silver pendant with the ancient technique of black enamelling, common in high-end jewellery, requiring extreme detail seeing that the application process is done manually. The Swan pendant has great shine, designed to bear a triumphant look. 

A story that will take you to the opera!

Swan Lake was commissioned to Tchaikovsky by the Bolshoi Theatre. It is a masterpiece of classical ballet… One of the most spectacular, dramatic ballets in the world, filling up concert halls to this day and enchanting with the grace and intensity of its characters.

First Tashi collection bearing the ancestral black enamelling technique.

Ancestral technique, widely used in high-end jewellery from ancient Egypt to Art Nouveau, and still used today. The enamel is placed manually with extreme detail, giving a sophisticated and luxurious finish to the jewels.

Dress to Impress

The perfect jewellery for key moments, be it an event, a decisive meeting, a convention, a trip to the theatre, an opera, or a party that calls for triumph. The enormous brilliance of these jewels is enhanced when matched with the same shades – black and white.

Jewellery that will have you dazzling.