Go behind the scenes of a TASHI session

28 October 2021

Go behind the scenes of a TASHI session

Go behind the scenes of a TASHI session

Creating a TASHI jewel is to enter a new world. A world of textures, materials, and shades that when combined, reveal a remarkable experience. Each collection is inspired by a special place. Going through all the TASHI collections is like going on a long journey through different continents. We enter the imagination of all women who like to travel and discover new worlds, new cultures.


But this journey does not end at the moment of jewellery production. In all photo shoots we travel to the universe of each collection.

Before each photo shoot, scenarios, colour palettes, textures, lighting and image plans are defined. The styling, hair and make-up are extensions of the multiculturalism, power, mystery, secrecy and self-assurance of the TASHI woman. We create a storyline that gives wings to the imagination and transports us to the origins that inspired its creation.

India, Iceland, Marrakech, the Amazon or Japan, are just a few of the places that inspired us in TASHI creations. Feeling each jewel allows the woman to travel through each of these destinations and absorb the culture and traditions of each one of them.


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