TASHI challenges national designers to design its collections


One brand, different inspirations. This was the motto TASHI used for creating the INSPIRE PROJECT. A project that unites jewellery and the best national designers. We sought challenging traditional jewellery design and developing a project that would prompt other creative minds, thus giving rise a new outlook and energy to jewellery. We therefore challenged some of the best national designers to develop TASHI collections whose creative concept was the woman. The kind of woman who inspires us – strong, confident and determined.

“We were trying to bring new approaches to our jewellery. New outlooks, visions, inspirations and thus introducing the brand to more people; the reason why the INSPIRE PROJECT came about, aiming above all to give visibility to national design and, in the future, to design our jewellery elsewhere in the world. -” Diana Loureiro, TASHI Director.

As of September, new and disruptive collections inspired by the universe of each designer and developed to highlight the stronger side of women will be available. Each collection tells a strong story, a story that is part of the experiences of its creator.

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Júlio Torcato

Because the most beautiful thing is not necessarily perfect… this was the feeling that led Júlio Torcato to design his jewellery collection for TASHI.  As happens in nature, the designer believes that the greatest beauty arises from complexity, and it is the uniqueness of each woman that makes her distinctive and passionate.

Perfectly Imperfect” – a special message engraved on the inside of the jewels.

Luís Carvalho

When designing his TASHI collection, Luís Carvalho wanted to honour the most inspiring woman in his life: his mother. Renowned for dressing national and international celebrities, the designer sees his mother as an example of a strong woman, having led him to create two jewels with the same grandeur and personality.

A collection of striking jewels in silver and gold, brimming with vividness and vibrant colours that will enhance the strong personality of the woman wearing them.
“For Strong Women” – a special message engraved on the inside of the jewels.

Miguel Vieira

Miguel Vieira is a man of strong beliefs and principles, thus continually wearing two scapulars. For the designer, more than an object of devotion, the scapular is a symbol of protection and luck. This association led Miguel to reinterpret the scapular, creating magical jewelry. The very same magic part of the TASHI woman, the kind of woman who knows the power of belief and the strength of her convictions.

“An amulet no woman will want to let go of” this is how Miguel Vieira describes the jewels he designed for TASHI, since they hold the Hail Mary prayer. A discreet detail, of enormous refinement and full of emotion that will make you feel protected.

Micaela Oliveira

Micaela Oliveira was inspired by the perfect dynamics between love and relationships to develop her TASHI collection.

The designer, known for her breath-taking dresses, incorporated three flowers into her collection. Flowers are her passion and a symbol of family – the couple and children. Micaela Oliveira was resolute in designing two jewels: a ring and earrings of striking elegance… for strong women that value family and have a gentle heart.

Nuno Gama

Inspired by the Portuguese conquering spirit, Nuno Gama has developed TASHI’s latest collection. The designer believes luck is moulded by hand, and for this reason, he designed two jewels of immense versatility that symbolically breathe the courage running through our veins.

Jewels for women of character who courageously build their life and luck.

Katty Xiomara

Katty Xiomara was born to a Portuguese family, but in the temperate climate of South America. In her childhood, she played outdoors and was constantly surrounded by nature. She particularly remembers a peculiar plant which if touched, would close its leaves and become dormant. The designer associated the unusual beauty of this flower to the TASHI woman, both special and with striking charisma. A collection designed to uncover femininity.
The pendant features mother of pearl with a white zirconia setting and gold centre. A reinterpretation of the flower of Katty’s childhood. The ring was drawn with the intention of it being worn as a pinkie ring. It bears a fashionable and dandy look.