TASHI means “good luck” in Tibetan. Inspired by distant places and special moments, TASHI jewels are unique pieces of hand-made jewellery. Brimming with charisma and meaning, every jewel, every collection tells a story, taking the wearer to a new world. The TASHI woman is attractive, confident and energetic. She’s unafraid of taking risks. She easily grabs attention. She oozes self-confidence, poise and is compelling. She has unexplained light and power about her. Beyond Beauty, the TASHI essence, a brand about the feels.

TASHI Knot Earrings
They were born to shine, focused on the soulful side of things. That’s where we get our inspiration from, women that feel out loud and start the day off in a spunky manner. Authentic women, true to themselves, true to what they believe in and to everything they love, even if in extremes…that’s beside the point.
They’re women that aren’t merely dreamers… instead, women that get things done. Women who were born to win, unstoppable women. It is for such women that we create, erase and do things all over again… because they inspire us, they stimulate the storyteller within us, motivate us to create charms and worlds where they can shine even brighter.
These women cross our path daily and can very quickly change our ways. They take our breath away and inspire us at every contact. They may even be unaware of it, but we believe that each one can and will always be world-changing.
On such a day, we will be right beside you. Close to your heart.