Indian collection

Travel to India with the new collection developed with brand ambassador Cuca Roseta.
Indian is a unique collection of gold and silver jewellery with manual filigree application.
Feel the power of jewellery that carries richness in the details.

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Inspire Project

One brand, different inspirations. INSPIRE PROJECT is a project that unites jewellery and the best national designers.
We sought challenging traditional jewellery design and developing a project that would prompt other creative minds, thus giving rise a new outlook and energy to jewellery.

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Universo TASHI

INDIAN and the Art of Filigree

Filigree is an extremely delicate and meticulous art made exclusively by women. The jewels of…
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More than a jewel, an amulet. Discover the Hail Mary engraving

This jewellery collection designed by Miguel Vieira has become one of the brand’s much-desired items.…
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Jewels produced with the passion of artisans

TASHI jewellery is the result of the perfect combination of noble metals, such as gold…
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