Inspire Project

One brand, different inspirations. This was the motto for creating the INSPIRE PROJECT. A project that unites jewellery and the best national designers. We sought challenging traditional jewellery design and developing a project that would prompt other creative minds, thus giving rise a new outlook and energy to jewellery.

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Universe Collection

A collection inspired by one of the most beautiful windows to the universe, the Namibian desert. Being one of the most isolated places in the world, it allows you to encounter the power of the astral world, observe the stars and much of the Milky Way. Universe jewels carry the force of the universe and summon feeling, love and belief.

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Universo TASHI

Jewels produced with the passion of artisans

TASHI jewellery is the result of the perfect combination of noble metals, such as gold…
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TASHI Indian Pendant

Cuca Roseta inspires the Indian collection

Cuca Roseta, TASHI ambassador, has teamed up with our designers and jewellers to create the…
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Behind the scenes at a TASHI photo shoot

Creating a TASHI jewel is entering a new world. A world of textures, materials and…
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